What Do You Need to Know About Pharmacy

There is some doubt if Pharmacy Technician Insurance is really necessary. Theoretically, pharmacy technicians can be held liable for mistakes they themselves or other people can find, and so they should be insured. Now that there are changes being recognized in a pharmacy technicians roles and responsibilities, a liability insurance provides coverage for the various acts and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.

The technician is a registered, licensed, or certified technician, or has completed an approved pharmacy technician or qualifying continuing education program. Since pharmacy technicians have been gaining more responsibilities over the years, they are prone to be in more scenarios where they can make mistakes and be liable for them. One lawsuit and your employer can be there to help you, but it may not be enough to adequately protect you. This is where liability insurance needs to come in. As a pharmacist technician, you are aware that training programs can qualify you for insurance coverage. Several insurance companies, health care organizations, and providers like the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and Pharmacists Mutual Companies offer liability insurance tailored fit for your needs.

A technician insurance policy would include what is called the Professional Liability Insurance. This includes coverage against claims resulting alleged or real errors or negligence when you are providing your professional services.

In case of a charge made against you, the Professional Liability Insurance policy would be able to pay costs incurred in the investigation of an insured claim, pay you for lost wages, and provide reimbursement if licensing board issues were involved. It will provide payment for court costs and settlements, and even provide you with your own attorney.

However, as insurance plans go, the liability insurance does have its limits. It may have serious gaps including policy limits that may not be high enough to protect you and all of your co-workers. Second, you may not be covered outside of the workplace, such as when you engage in part-time or volunteer work, and thirdly, you may not be covered for suits filed after you have terminated your employment.

This is just skimming the surface and there are other variations in insurance programs considering that there are many insurance companies and providers in the market. The insurance plans can vary from state to state and it is helpful to do some ample research to get the right type of insurance for your protection. This pharmacy technician career is a smart investment since your tasks develop over the years. You can protect your hard work, personal assets, and your families financial future by obtaining pharmacy technician insurance.