Pharmacy Tech Training Can Be Your Answer to Becoming a Pharmacist

Have you ever wondered what is involved in training at a pharmacy technician school? Many people think that becoming a pharmacy tech is far too complex and that it requires years of training as well as extensive medication knowledge. The truth is, to become an actual pharmacist requires very extensive education, and becoming a pharmacy tech requires far less training and is quite a bit less complicated as well.¬†Pharmacy Tech Training can actually be acquired on the job; however, if you don’t want to start at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak, then formal training and certification are in order.

The rules about pharmacy technician training varies from state to state; however, most states do not require pharmacy techs to become certified. Many pharmacies, however, do require that their techs have prior training because they can be sure that their techs are not only certified, but that they already understand the basics of being an assistant and they do not have to take the time to train them themselves. Furthermore, many pharmacies do not have an in house formal training program. While states do not require you go to school to become certified, they do require twenty hours or more of official formal training.

The training can take place at a pharmacy technician school or a local college and can last from several weeks or you can get extensive training and get an associates degree as a pharmacy technician. Most individuals that pursue an associates degree further their education to become an actual pharmacist, which is also an excellent career choice. A certified pharmacy technician may also choose to further their education at some point to become a pharmacist.

If you choose to take classes for training you can expect to learn medical terminology, the names of medications, how to measure doses, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmacy record keeping, ethics, pharmacy law, customer service techniques, how to weigh and measure drugs, how to prepare script labels, how to verify
prescriptions, how to inventory drugs and other items that your school may think is valuable to your education.

Becoming a technician can be a great career or the perfect stepping stone to becoming a full blown pharmacist. However, you will need the appropriate Pharmacy Tech Training in order to be successful. Check your local area for schools and take your first step to the interesting career.