Know About Pharmacy Technician Salary

The salary is something you need to know if you plan to be a pharmacy technician. This will help you to have an idea of what it will be like in the More »

Awareness About Pharmacy Technician

If you have a vision to be a pharmacy technician, then you will certainly need the required training. If you do not have, a certificate to affirm that you have finished pharmacy More »

Know About Pharmacy Technician Exam

Are you aware! If you want to earn Certification in Pharmacy, you must appear and clear Pharmacy Technician Exam. But, why certification is so important for Pharmacy Technician? How, he/she will be More »

Top Six Accredited Pharmacy Technician

Looking to make a career change, take a look at some of these top rated pharmacy technician schools. Getting the proper education from one of these top ranked schools can launch you More »

A Little More Facts About Pharmacy

One can only advance in his or her pharmacy technician career if experience, proper training and certification are possessed. Anyone can be in this type of career as long as a high More »

Top Six Accredited Pharmacy Technician

Looking to make a career change, take a look at some of these top rated pharmacy technician schools. Getting the proper education from one of these top ranked schools can launch you into a promising and rewarding new career. Pharmacy technicians are in high demand. Gain a clear advantage by pursuing advanced training in this hot and growing health care profession. If you are ready to do your research, here is a list of Pharmacy technician schools that you can pursue your training to better your future.

National College – National College offers an associate program and a diploma program for aspiring pharmacy technicians. This happens to be a one year program. The training is designed to give students the core training and knowledge to become successful and sought after pharmacy technicians. The program goes into depth about pharmacy law, drug interactions and chemical makeup, basic pharmacy calculations, customer service, and insurance claims and processing. National College has several locations to choose from.

Everest College – This College is high up on the list for pharmacy assistant training. Upon completing the program, students are awarded certificates of completion.

Important Retailer Information

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Trying to find coupons

Read Online Pharmacy Reviews

An online pharmacy may be considered as one of the most useful shops in the internet. Anybody needing medicine, with or without prescription, can simply order online and have their purchased item within a few days. The industry of online pharmacies has been growing immensely; however, they come and go very fast. People should know its benefits and the one thing they need to do first before giving their credit card details is to close the deal.

The advantages of buying medications in a web-based pharmacy are listed below.

2C’s: Convenient and Cheap

The internet is almost synonymous with the word “convenient” today. It allows people to do many things, even buy medicines. Purchasing medicines online is most suitable to people who have a busy schedule, most especially professional working men and women. Sometimes, these people simply do not have enough time to do all the things they need to do. When they get sick and have no time to visit the doctor, they go to an online pharmacy for no prescription drugs.

Apart from being convenient and

Know About Pharmacy Technician Salary

The salary is something you need to know if you plan to be a pharmacy technician. This will help you to have an idea of what it will be like in the job. It should be pointed out however that the more you improve yourself upon the job, the more will you get paid. The recession is hitting on. So it is important to get a job that will pay you well.

The medical industry however is growing at a rapid state. It is a great field to make a career. Not only does it pay well, there is no tension of people not needing medical services any time soon. Training and education however are important parts of a good career in pharmacy. The more expertise you have, the more your salary.

Let’s say you are already in the pharmacy field. What would really make a difference now is a Pharmacy Technician Certificate. In different cases, like a promotion, new job, high salary, this certification can provide you with an edge. If you want to expand the horizons of your career further, you should go for proper pharmacy training. A pharmacy degree is inevitable if you

Awareness About Pharmacy Technician

If you have a vision to be a pharmacy technician, then you will certainly need the required training. If you do not have, a certificate to affirm that you have finished pharmacy tech training, you will not search any occupation connected to this field. There are two choices, which you can select for your training. You can either go to a school or finish your training full time. If you cannot sustain to do this in a school due to other job duties, you can always study for this if you are not busy by one of the online courses they might have offers. Because of the truth that so many individuals cannot study the whole day anymore, we will concentrate on the area of online training to assure that each of you obtain an average chance of studying towards the pharmacy industry. In the paragraphs below, you are going to look further direction on this field of work.

The main reason as to why the online studies are so famous these days because of the availability of the training. You can still work during the morning, go home and take care of your family and once

Know About Pharmacy Technician Exam

Are you aware! If you want to earn Certification in Pharmacy, you must appear and clear Pharmacy Technician Exam. But, why certification is so important for Pharmacy Technician? How, he/she will be benefited by obtaining Certification? An individual, who is planning to peruse career in Pharmacy field must obtain PTCB Certification for better job opportunities, higher salary and extensive knowledge about medications.

Pharmacy Technicians are these professionals, who are trained for different types of pharmacy works, including assisting pharmacist in prescription making, measure right drugs, offer safe and efficient service to customers, make customers wise about use and misuse of the medications, drug effects on the body, inter drug reactions with each other, look after cash counters, carry on different types of administrative duties and perform numerous other pharmacy related functions.

For working in a Pharmacy, it is not necessary to complete any type of formal education, possession of school diploma is sufficient to avail the pharmacy job. But, it is also important to remember that, without Certification or non-availing of any diploma, degree and certificate in this field, your better job prospect and higher salary earning is hindered. If you are really keen to brighten

A Little More Facts About Pharmacy

One can only advance in his or her pharmacy technician career if experience, proper training and certification are possessed. Anyone can be in this type of career as long as a high school diploma and a certification from a training program can be provided. Nowadays formal training highly matters to pharmacies and other employers when hiring a pharmacy technician. This is why it’s very important to be trained and educated by an accredited educational institution.

The education or course one must take to be in this profession usually last for about six to twenty-four months. But most employers don’t mind what kind of education you have taken as long as you got yourself certified.

Most states won’t require a pharmacy technician to be certified since taking the certification test is voluntary. Passing the exams that is given by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board has a lot of benefits. It can increase the chance of a pharmacy technician in getting a job as well as his or her potential pharmacy technician salary. Not only that but it can also be one’s ticket for career advancement and opportunities.

Everyone aspiring to be in this type of job

All About Pharmacy Technician

In many countries today, healthcare industry employment continues even while other industries falter, making a health service job a good choice for anyone considering a new career.

Pharmacy technician jobs are one of the main positions seeing drastic increases with hiring expected to increase as much as 25 percent over the next few years. This is a great opportunity for anyone with good attention to detail to consider a career as a Pharmacy Technician or `PT`, especially since it is possible to complete certification programs at reputable pharmacy technician schools in as little as two years and get into a well-paying job soon afterward.

Different Types of Pharmacy Technician Schools

In the US and Canada, some PT jobs do not require any certification or schooling although most do. Those who have schooling and certification are definitely preferable for positions, however, making schooling something that anyone looking at a career as a PT should consider very seriously.

In all likelihood, more jobs will move toward requiring certification as well, so skipping the education may reduce job hire and advancement opportunity.

Pharmacy Technician education is available in programs that last anywhere from 6 months to

All About Pharmacy Technician

A Pharmacy Technician works together with pharmacists. Ever now and then, they function direct with the public to ultimately control an unhazardous and accurate prescription drug.

Pharmacy technician job description:
Receive and serve prescription drugs
Count and fill prescribed containers with pills and mark prescription bottles
Answer phone calls
Explain medicines to patients
Operate as cash registrars and receive payments
Display medication on shelves
(In The Hospital) – take a look charts of patients and prepare medicines

How do I become a Pharmacy Technician?

Someone must be able to spend and tolerate standing for long periods and work shifts, like evenings and weekends. A modest training in math and science is advantageous. Although there is commonly no official education for pharmacy technicians in most states, several have trainings and certifications acquirable.


Now, there are numerous 2 year schoolings that offer pharmacy technician training, while others extend more keen yet quicker curricula.There are now many 2 year schoolings nowadays that offer up technician education, while others tender more intense yet shorter programmes.

The formal training develops their students on laboratory, classroom setting, and hands-on pharmacy experience. A diploma, certification, or associates degree

Know About Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians are these individuals, who assist licensed Pharmacists to manage and run a pharmacy. Their basic job duties include, safe and effective serving of the customers, provide medications to customers and patients, inform them about various effects and side effects of the drugs, handle cash counter, label the drug bottles and perform numerous other regular pharmacy works.

They work in different types of pharmacies, such as drug stores, retail pharmacies, chain pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. They are also well versed with state and federal pharmacy laws, rules and regulations for effective and safe serving of the patients.

In order to work in a Pharmacy, formal education is not necessary and on-the job training is sufficient. But, appropriate certification, degree, certificate and diploma offer, better career opportunities and lucrative salary. Moreover, the continuous scientific advancement in medical sciences and discoveries of new life saving drugs have also spurted greater demand of medications for sound health cares. Such advancements have also led to the mushrooming of pharmacies all over the country. These drug store owners and hospital medication stores also seek well qualified, trained and efficient technicians to work in their Pharmacy.

A medical store technician

Pharmacy Technician Schools

Being a pharmacy technician is quite demanding especially since you are supposed to have enough knowledge of all the types of drugs available, including the latest ones. Also, you have to understand the current laws governing this profession. It is also a must that you understand the existing insurance practices. So, for you to succeed in this career, you have to find the best pharmacy technician training schools. Having enough training before you venture into this industry will help you to cut an edge over the others. Training is also important because it gives you enough skills to do your work well.

So if you really want to become effective in your work as a technician in the medical field, you have to study hard and acquire all the necessary skills. The good thing is that there are many pharmacy technician schools that provide quality training. But before you join any institution for a course in pharmacy technology there are several important things that you have to aware of. Once you have understood these aspects it will be easier for you to become the technologist that you have always wanted. This passage strives to provide you with

What Do You Need to Know About Pharmacy

There is some doubt if Pharmacy Technician Insurance is really necessary. Theoretically, pharmacy technicians can be held liable for mistakes they themselves or other people can find, and so they should be insured. Now that there are changes being recognized in a pharmacy technicians roles and responsibilities, a liability insurance provides coverage for the various acts and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.

The technician is a registered, licensed, or certified technician, or has completed an approved pharmacy technician or qualifying continuing education program. Since pharmacy technicians have been gaining more responsibilities over the years, they are prone to be in more scenarios where they can make mistakes and be liable for them. One lawsuit and your employer can be there to help you, but it may not be enough to adequately protect you. This is where liability insurance needs to come in. As a pharmacist technician, you are aware that training programs can qualify you for insurance coverage. Several insurance companies, health care organizations, and providers like the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and Pharmacists Mutual Companies offer liability insurance tailored fit for your needs.

A technician insurance policy would include what is called the Professional

How Much Does a Pharmacy Technician

Average earning of a particular profession is perhaps one of the most important parameters that help you decide in favor of or against it. And why shouldn’t it be? Who wouldn’t like to take back home decent wages at the end of a hard day’s work? After all, money plays a vital role in shaping the standard of your life. It is important for securing your family’s and your own future. So, whoever said money should not be a consideration while choosing a career has probably never lived without it.

If you are exploring a pharmacy technician career, then this question must be at the top of your head. We’re here to help answer some of your questions regarding how much they earn on an average.

However, before we get into details about pharmacy techs pay, it’s important to understand what the job entails. Because just like money is important, so is enjoying what you do for a living!

Pharmacy Technician Career

Let’s start with what pharmacy technicians can’t do or rather are not supposed to do. They are absolutely forbidden from giving medical advice to patients who visit their pharmacies. They are not

All You Need to Know About Pharmacy

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative and numerous fields such that people decide to start a career in this field every single day, and for good reasons. If you want to find out more about this topic and see if a pharmaceutical career would be suitable for you, read below for all you need to know about pharmacy programs.

• You can enroll in a college that offers pharmacy programs immediately after finishing high school. You also have the option of transferring from another college, provided that you have completed a few prerequisite courses with a curriculum similar to the ones followed at the college offering the pharmacy programs. The prerequisite courses revolve around topics such as chemistry, biology, calculus, and physics.

• The application form for pharmacy programs can be easily downloaded online. Students interested in applying have to fill it out and send it via mail post to the college offering the program, before a predetermined a deadline. Each institution that offers pharmacy programs establishes its own requirements for admission, so make sure you study them thoroughly before applying. The most common requirement is having a certain GPA (Grade Point Average),

The Necessary Details One Should Know About Pharmacy

Education programs for pharmacy technician certification require laboratory exercises in different kind of areas. Such education includes study of medical terminologies, pharmaceutical terms and calculations. More complicated stuff includes the study of pharmacy law and ethics, medication names and intravenous doses. One can also expect to learn efficient pharmacy techniques and record keeping.

Most individuals taking such program prefer the conventional classroom set-up but this type of education can be quite inconvenient for those people who have their jobs to keep.

Nowadays different programs are offered in different ways to be more convenient for people on the go and very busy. Online schools are more appropriate for those people who can barely go to vocational or technical schools to enroll. For those who have all the time in the world, it is much better to attend or settle for a classroom setting pharmacy technician certification program. Attending a conventional school for fresh high school graduates aspiring to be a pharmacy technician is highly recommend because there are a lot of things an online school cannot provide.

Most colleges offering pharmacy related courses offers internship. This is one of the most important things a rookie in

Details on How to Become a Pharmacy

How do I become a pharmacy technician? There is no simple answer for this question. Unlike pharmacists, pharmacy technicians do not have a national standard for what it takes to enter the profession. Every state gets to make up there own requirements for what you need to do. The first thing you need to do is check your states requirements. To do this, Google your state’s name and board of pharmacy (eg, California Board of Pharmacy). Once you find your state board of pharmacy site, look for where it discusses pharmacy technician requirements. Another option is to find a site that has already compiled this information for you and provided links to your board of pharmacy website (my site has this done for you). The rest of this article will go over some of the common requirements seen, but remember, every state can require different things (in fact, some states do not require anything).

National Certification: Many states require some form of national certification. Many require it, some have it as one option to become a tech, others increase the pharmacist to technician ratio if the pharmacy has nationally certified techs, and other states do not mention it at

Various Pharmacy Continuing Education

Very often, we tend to think of pharmacy continuing education as it relates to medicine preparation and dispersion, but there are many other related subjects.

Free Courses

This may surprise some people, but there are some pharmacy continuing education courses that you can take online for free. You can study about pharmacy management, interacting with the community, chronic pain management, dealing with Medicare Part D, and even contact lens issues – to name only a few.

As a side note, for those classes you do have to pay for, keep records of the costs associated with them; they are a legitimate business expense and can be deducted from your taxes.

Politically Charged Issues

These days, even a pharmacist can become embroiled in troubles of the day. Some people object to abortion on moral grounds, and thus they feel that the so-called morning after pill – used to abort a pregnancy – is morally wrong. As a pharmacist, you may be called upon to dispense such drugs. Some pharmacy continuing education courses are designed to help you deal with this issue – deciding whether or not to give out the medication, and dealing with

Frequently Asked Questions About Pharmacy

Many people intuitively recognize the value in getting pharmacy technician training. For others, they quickly see the light when they find out it can help get them interviews with more selective employers and potentially get them higher starting pay. However, all of this does not tell you anything about the training itself. Here, we try to shed light on some of the more common questions that people have about this training.

What can I expect to learn?

The training is designed to teach you about some of the basic job duties that you will experience as a pharmacy tech. This will require you to learn about some basic medical knowledge and knowledge about drugs. You will also learn about dosage processes and how best to control inventory levels. In addition, you will learn how to properly deliver customer service to customers and reduce legal liability.

Can I get training online?

Yes, training is not only available in locations in your area, it is also available online. Many people love this option because they can take the classes in the comfort of their own home. In addition, they can take the training at their leisure

Useful Tips About Pharmacy

When using an online pharmacy supply you will usually be able to shop for almost all of your typical pharmacy items you are familiar with including both prescription and non prescription items such as vitamins, or diabetic supplies. Also, you almost all your prescription needs can easily be met by the online pharmacy supply with some of the best options and prices.

Some of the online pharmacy supply sites give you the option of having your order delivered or you can pick it up. Not all businesses allow for pick but it is an option for some. That said if your are ordering online you likely don’t want to be chasing to the store for pickup otherwise you’d have just phoned it in.

Once you have entered all of your information including the prescription number, doctors name, your name, your address, and any other identifying factors, the online pharmacy supply website will ask you for your information relating to insurance payment information if it applies as well as your credit card information if you are going to pay for your prescription online. Some online pharmacy supply companies will also accept Paypal as a payment form.

Make sure

Pharmacy Tech Training Can Be Your Answer to Becoming a Pharmacist

Have you ever wondered what is involved in training at a pharmacy technician school? Many people think that becoming a pharmacy tech is far too complex and that it requires years of training as well as extensive medication knowledge. The truth is, to become an actual pharmacist requires very extensive education, and becoming a pharmacy tech requires far less training and is quite a bit less complicated as well. Pharmacy Tech Training can actually be acquired on the job; however, if you don’t want to start at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak, then formal training and certification are in order.

The rules about pharmacy technician training varies from state to state; however, most states do not require pharmacy techs to become certified. Many pharmacies, however, do require that their techs have prior training because they can be sure that their techs are not only certified, but that they already understand the basics of being an assistant and they do not have to take the time to train them themselves. Furthermore, many pharmacies do not have an in house formal training program. While states do not require you go to school to become certified, they do